Njiro, Arusha, Tanzania. P.O Box 3031
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  Jaffery Upper Primary
Message from the The Jaffery Upper Primary Headmistress

Education is life itself; Jaffery Upper Primary School creates the environment for children to enjoy learning and to joyfully spend one third of each day in school.

We try to provide a safe and caring environment, where all students demonstrate the academic and social skills necessary to be productive citizens. This is a major challenge but with your help and support it is a possible reality.

The upper Primary School prepares an atmosphere for the preparation of a child to face national examinations at both standard IV and VII levels and develops lifelong skills of critical thinking and problem solving that are very essential for survival in a challenging world.

Education in Tanzania in particular is given to provide students with a concrete and reliable basis for a self-reliant life. As Dewey states it is life itself. Think of the damage made to a generation when education offered fails to provide the right skills for life. Hence being aware of the important role played by education in providing a concrete and reliable basis for a prosperous and successful life;Jaffery Upper Primary devises different avenues to deliver the desired goals.

One of the avenues adopted is the use of computers in disseminating learning effectively that is what is known as interactive learning. The concepts are made clearer and learning made more interesting and exciting through interactive learning. The Board has been in the fore front in ensuring that all the technology needed for interactive learning is made available and teachers are equipped with IT skills to achieve the goals of interactive learning.

According to George Santayana - "a child educated only at school is an uneducated child"
this definitely shows that a parent is a teacher at home whereas a teacher is a parent in school. This is all because a child is the centre of our universe and we all take the care and concern necessary to ensure that the goals of this life of education are achieved both at home and at school.

Our admiration and appreciation is expressed to all the parents of Jaffery Upper Primary School for their unrelenting support and cooperation rendered in making Jaffery Upper Primary a great success.

Finally, I would like to wish, all our pupils a very happy vacation and I look forward to meeting them come year 2014.

Ms. Dyness S. Nyangusi
Headmistress Jaffery Upper Primary School
Jaffery Academy - Arusha.

Upper Primary Staff