Njiro, Arusha, Tanzania. P.O Box 3031
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  Jaffery Lower Primary
The Headmaster's Message

Jaffery Academy is an exciting place for children to be since most of our activities are centered towards formation of morally upright leaders. Teachers make sure that all activities done within the school environment make the children feel that Jaffery Academy is the best place for them to be. Our Academy has modern and well equipped classrooms, computer and language labs, library, swimming pool, swings and playground.

In our school children are supported and encouraged to learn in different ways according to their capability and interests. They are helped to become aware of their giftedness and make better life choices.

Our curriculum focuses on literacy, numeracy, ICT capability, personal learning, thinking, communication and social skills. We nurture in the kids great spirit to love Arts, Sciences, Humanities and Sports which are essential requirements for the future awaiting them..

The children are expected to use oral and written skills regularly to demonstrate the knowledge acquired. Since the bifurcation of the primary school and I as the head of Lower primary, have observed that children have developed a close relationship with their teachers, and have a sense of belonging and freedom of expression. It has also facilitated better supervision and commitment.

Our Academy is a home for children of different nationalities and religion since it creates an environment which makes children interact with each other and express themselves freely and uphold the best morals of a multicultural society and above all be tolerant of one another.

Parents and school relationship has been an important element which has facilitated development and make our Academy a quality school. Student dairies are a major link and central point of communication which allow for daily or weekly comments which are a valuable source of information for parents and school.

Choosing JPS as the best place for your child will go a long way in the academic growth and intellectual development of your child, on our part be assured that the curriculum strategies, learning environment and the professionalism of our teachers will contribute to your child's growth, continued formation and achievement.

David Waithaka Mwangi
Jaffery Academy - Arusha.

Lower Primary Staff