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  Jaffery Board
Message from the Jaffery Board Chairman

It is indeed a great pleasure for all of us here at the Jaffery Academy Board to once again present this magazine to you and we acknowledge within ourselves great joy in being a part of all of you out there in the form of parents, teachers, students, and our sincere well wishers. We could not have been where we find ourselves today, without your support.

We thank Al-mighty ALLAH for having bestowed upon us the opportunity to serve this important educational institution which, although boastful of a certain standard, needs to go a long way again to improve further its facility. Although we have made considerable advances in improving teaching methodology over the last year, We continue seeking ALLAH's help to make available within us the vigor and the impetus to keep propelling the institution towards further improvements in teaching methods in the time to come, so that all who take advantage of this institution today and all those who come and join us in the future find learning an exciting experience.

As the Academy has always stressed in the past, we are driven towards building a student's character - producing a good educated human being with impeccable moral traits away from all traces of hatred, malice, deceit and forms of weaknesses that destroy a society. We desire that each student, who leaves this academy, becomes a useful citizen of his/her immediate society in particular and to the whole nation in general.

As is always the case, many people in the past have played their role in building up and bringing this Academy to where it presently is, and many more will come in the future to see it grow at a steady pace but it is the support of the parents especially which makes the whole difference. Again, we believe that a good student besides being a good listener is a product of a good teacher. One cannot undermine the co-operation of all the parents, the teachers and the students who, together, allow us to work towards what we seek to achieve for the betterment of all concerned.

Whilst you are taking the time to read this small magazine prepared by our teachers and students, we welcome your views and advices to allow us to move forward in the direction we have charted out. Whereas we are trying to make every effort to reach the goals set, we are not oblivious of our weaknesses. We address these as we identify them and it is 'you' who should also feel free to tell us where we go wrong. It is as much our duty as yours to see that we minimize our weaknesses and reach our goals fairly and quickly.

We thank all those of you who have been coming forward from time to time to assist us in many ways and sincerely hope that the co-operation you have extended to us in the past will continue as we move forward. Our special word of thanks is extended to Mr. Zuher Fazal, the Chairman and CEO of Leopard Tours Ltd, for his assistance in the production of this year's school magazine. We appreciate his continuous support and assistance to this institution.

We wish you all a very happy new year 2013.

Mustafa Panju
Board Chairman
Jaffery Academy - Arusha.

The Jaffery Board Members
Mr. Muslim Remtula - Secretary
Mr. Riyaz Somji - Board Member
Mr. Mirjean Pirbhai - Board Member
Mr. Mussadiq Versi - Board Member
Mr. Shakir M. Bandali - Board Member